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The dark ages / 21 November 2012

Crippen looks at a return to the dark ages

Crippen's cartoon about a return to the dark ages

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Several people have commented recently that my cartoons have become more 'dark' of late.

I suppose that it's inevitable considering the subject matter to hand these days; disabled people dying after having their benefits stopped, the government disassembling the welfare state and taking equality back to the dark ages, what can you expect?

I'm not consciously looking for bleaker material you understand. It's just that it's being thrust into our faces everywhere we turn. Even the so called 'right wing' press have started to recognise that all is not right with the way the government is running the country ... and that's saying something!

So you'll be pleased to hear that I've been working on a new strip cartoon for Disability Arts on Line (DAO) that takes a look at disability from a slightly lighter perspective. The characters all belong to a Disability Arts group ... but you're going to have to wait until we publish to see more!

But what was that I said about the dark ages? Now there's an idea for a cartoon ...

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Sophie P.

24 November 2012

U Go Very Well Crippen!


Lozzerella Boo via face Book

21 November 2012

Good one, these are dark times

Arty Farty

21 November 2012

As a middle aged man I resemble that remark!

Adam Stuart Pick via FaceBook

21 November 2012

Very, very good!

Janis Malins via Face Book

21 November 2012

These are dark times Dave, shine on x

Lisa Dennis via Face Book

21 November 2012

'Crip finder general' ha ha brilliant