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They came in the night ... / 28 October 2012

Crippen's cartoon about police intimidation of disabled people

Crippen's cartoon about police intimidation

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Several nights ago, a young disabled woman was at home on her own when a knock at the door heralded the arrival of police officers from the local constabulary. She claims that there aim was to intimidate her into stopping posting comments on Facebook critical of government cuts and specifically the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and their attacks on the rights of disabled claimants!

Several other reports have now filtered in of similiar tactics by police in other areas. It's alledged that they're acting on complaints from the DWP who say that disabled activists are distorting the truth and making unfounded claims against them.

If they're refering to unfounded claims as being the number of people who are dying under the new welfare reforms (10,600 between Jan to Nov 2011) then I'm afraid that these figures were released by their own department (see my earlier blog with links to DWP documents released under a freedom of information order).

If they're refering to the actual number of people who have committed suicide as a result of the welfare reforms then I'm afraid that this has also been substantiated by a recent survey amongst GPs in the UK (also see my earlier blog with links to this survey and it's results).

And if they're claiming that disabled people are not being effected by the changes to benefits, the closing down of the Independent Living Fund, and the other draconian measures being introduced by the government then I invite them to log onto Face Book and read some of the heart breaking comments from disabled people that are on there.

Whatever the DWP's reasons for complaint, I would think that employing the boys in blue to make intimidating night calls on disabled people was totally the wrong way to go ... although having seen the increase in feelings of anger and outrage being expressed by disabled people across the country, perhaps it was the right way to go!

You can read the full account on Tom Pride's blog by clicking here

The young woman in question has just posted a comment on her Face Book wall which says:

"Thank you to everyone (in the disability community) for the many wonderful private messages of support, means a great deal. I'm ok, feeling much better than a few nights ago. Been in the care of some great friends ... Thank you everyone for your kindness, means more than I can possibly say."

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31 October 2012

The disabled woman in question has said that she has now made a formal complaint to the police authority who were responsible for her alleged visit. She has provide blogger Tom Pride with a copy of her letter of complaint which you can see at the following link -

James via face Book

30 October 2012

Nothing woud suprise me about this government and what depths it would stoop to in order to discredit disabled people. They want us off the streets and in homes again as you've told us in your earlier blogs Dave. Not wanting disabled activists to spread the word will result in more episodes like this I'm sure!


29 October 2012

@Nabil Shaban,

Yes, Britain IS a fascist police state. This has been building for a few decades but since 2010 the coalition government have implemented a rapid take-down. And of course, the disabled are bearing the initial brunt of this long planned for brutality against the general population.

As a disabled individual, living in constant fear of the government is not the life I envisaged as a youngster.

Nabil Shaban

28 October 2012

So, finally, the truth is out...Britain is a fascist police state, and it's citizens doe not have freedom of expression. Forget Facebook, and hand out Kalashnikovs.

Arty Farty

28 October 2012

Blimey Mr C. Don't go answering the door for a few nights mate!