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Rough Justice / 4 July 2008

Three men who repeatedly kicked, punched and stamped on a Disabled man over a £5 bet to see who could knock him out first, have won reductions in their minimum sentences at the Court of Appeal.

William Hughes, 22, Marcus Miller, 16, and Stephen Bonallie, 17, were sentenced to minimum prison terms of between 15 and 22 years after killing Brent Martin, 23, on Sunderland’s Town End Farm estate in August of last year. After the attack, the men posed for pictures and left Brent dying next to a parked car. He later died in hospital. But now all three have successfully appealed against their minimum terms - the shortest period they must serve before they can apply for parole.

The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Phillips, Mr Justice Goldring, and Mr Justice Plender, sitting at the Court of Appeal in London, overturned the original ruling and have reduced the term on all three men.

So the message would seem to be that it's OK to kill Disabled people, and that we cannot expect to be protected by the law when this happens. These criminals beat a man to death because he was Disabled. Who's next I wonder - the Elderly, Ethnic minorities, you ... me?!