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Damn nation / 11 July 2008

You’ll remember that the government provoked uproar among Disabled people last year when it announced that it would be introducing a single equality duty in place of the disability equality duty (DED).

This new bill, according to the blurb sent out about it is designed to strengthen existing laws and bring nine separate anti-discrimination laws, including the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), into a single piece of legislation.

The DDA was admittedly not the best piece of disability legislation ever passed, but still, it did get public bodies to consider how their spending decisions, employment practices and service delivery would affect us crips. As I understand it, this new single equality duty would only require authorities to set equality objectives and take proportionate steps to achieve them. So once again this effectively allows service providers to set their own agenda - and this is a step forward?! Or am I missing something?!

Disability campaigners have said they are encouraged by new government proposals for an equality bill, but insist that there are still gaps that need plugging. GAPS! I think I’ll just leave my cartoon to say what I think about that!



19 July 2008

Crippen's been coming up with some pretty contentious stuff over the past several months, so why isn't anyone commenting?