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Taking the public's mind off of the real issues / 18 September 2012

Crippen's cartoon about being made to fight for benefits

Crippen's cartoon about fighting for benefits

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For those historians amongst us you'll have realised by now that this Tory government is just another manifestation of the idle rich, raping and pillaging their way through the land with their eyes very much fixed on the short term.

As far back as ancient Rome, the various emperors manipulated public opinion and made sure that there were plenty of scapegoats to blame for the decline in the standard of living. They also became very adept at creating colourful distractions in order to misdirect the public.

Cameron and his henchmen, realising that the general public need to blame someone for the state of the country, have already been sowing the seeds of hatred in the Tory press.

Disability hate crime has risen considerably due to this, and a large percentage of the public now associate disabled people with benefit scrounging.

So what better way than to fulfill this manipulated expectation than to create yet another extravaganza and give the public what they think they want!

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Darik Hart

21 September 2012

Nice piece of work Dave. As is customary I let my mind wander a bit, and thought of how to misquote the 'Gladiator' speech - then it hit me! Keep 'call me Dave' in his empirical role, but have him visited by the ghosts - past, present, and future of Margaret Aurelius. (Guess). Let your imagination run riot among those thoughts. Nildesp amigo, keep on keepin'on, don't let 'em 'rest on their laurels'. ♥

Arty Farty

19 September 2012

I think the first thing we should do come the revolution is to put all the Tory politicians into an arena and watch them fight it out ... bastards!


19 September 2012

Good points Bob. Thanks :-)

Bob Williams-Findlay

19 September 2012

I wouldn't argue with the general thrust of Crippen's argument but I believe we can't afford to ignore the fact that these "games" originate with New Labour and pre-date both the Coalition and the "global capitalist crisis" (sic). The survey on British Social Attitudes for 2012 shows a marked decline in the numbers of people supporting financial support for disabled people. This is a four year old trend.

The inability of the Welfare State to cope with the huge demand on it is a real situation - but the solution isn't to be found in Westminster among the protectors of Capital. If we want a more modern historical use of stadia - look back no further to 1973 and Chile - a country often seen as a similar country to England.

I believe it is inadequate to talk about "the public" and misdirection because there are differing interests at play here and power is distributed unevenly. We have a marriage of two ideological positions: "disabled people are a burden on society" and "look at the ability, not the disability" - together they offer us 'bread and circus'....