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Disability hate crime on the rise / 13 September 2012

Crippen's cartoon about disability hate crime

Crippen's cartoon about disability hate crime

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When these latest figures hit my in tray this week I couldn't help wondering if this was further evidence of the effect of the government's targeting of disabled people?

Police figures for England, Wales and Northern Ireland show that there has been a rise in hate crimes against disabled people during the past two years.

Although some of this could be attributed to an increased willingness to report such crimes, more than 2,000 such offences were recorded in 2011, which is up a third on 2010. This year's figures are proving to be even higher.

Hate crime monitoring began in 2008 to raise awareness of the problem. Perversely, hate crimes linked to race, religion and sexual orientation have fallen.

An offence is considered a hate crime if the victim, or any other person, considers it was motivated by hostility based on a person's race, religious belief, sexual orientation, disability or where the victim was perceived to be transgender.

Assistant Chief Constable Drew Harris, who heads the Association of Chief Police Officers' (Acpo) online reporting facility, True Vision, commented:

"The 2011 data importantly shows a further increase in disability hate crime.

"While we would obviously want to see reductions in the incidence of all hate crime, we suspect that disability hate crimes have been significantly under-reported in the past."

The Association for Real Change (ARC UK) launched a Safety Net campaign in 2009 - running for three years. They targeted 'Mate Crime' in which people would befriend someone with learning difficulties in order to rob or abuse them.

ARC UK is concerned that, without a sustained national campaign, more vulnerable adults with learning difficulties will be abused by people pretending to be their friends.

Rod Landman speaking for ARK UK said: "Identifying and tackling 'mate crime' is complicated. Victims often do not understand what is happening to them or are too afraid to tell anyone."

Mr Landman says that from his experience almost all of this type of crime goes unreported.


For more information about these issue please click here for an article about the rise in hate crime figures, and click here to read more about so called 'mate crime'..


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Lisa Mallaghan

19 September 2012

Mind the Gap theatre company have just developed a workshop that is for people who directly experience disability hate crime, and for the people who work with them. The purpose of the workshop is to provide a safe environment for people to discuss and explore the issues. Go to:

for more info, or give me a call on 01274 487390

Dave Lupton

13 September 2012

This is the sort of information that needs to be shared around folks ... the non-disabled general public need a big wake up call as to what this government are doing to us. Sure thing, take Blair to court for his part in the invasion of Iraq, but let's see the court of Human Rights take action against Cameron and his cronies first!

Arty Farty

13 September 2012

Bloody right it's directly linked to this government's direct attacks against disabled people and the manipulation of the press to reinforce their twisted perspective!

Michael Evison via FaceBook

13 September 2012

This is DIRECTLY linked to Governments Welfare Reforms policy and the media coverage that the government generated in their propaganda onslaught against the disabled!

Timothy Dunton via FaceBook

13 September 2012

Heard on radio figures up on last year, but only a few thousand actually reported. Thought to be 65,000.

Penny Pepper via FaceBook

13 September 2012

Often I've heard the word retard, spaz used at me. So the news that disability hate crime has risen is no surprise. Paralympics legacy is..?