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Singing for the disabled / 12 December 2007

Carols cartoon

Crippen Carol cartoon - 23rd December 07

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As Christmas draws closer and this old laptop of mine gradually gives up more of the ghost, I thought I'd amuse you with some of the cartoons I've been creating with a festive theme. Most of these are being used on cards and newsletters around the Disabled community, so keep your eyes open.

I based this cartoon on an experience one of my Disabled mates in the UK related to me the other week. We'll call him Ben. He described having to struggle to the door after hearing the bell go and having only just got into the loo for some much needed relief! The bell push was repeatedly pressed despite his shouting out that he was on his way and it didn't stop until he pulled the door open.

'Good evening sir' said a man with his back to him and his arms raised ready to conduct a group of carol singers, 'We're collecting for charity. What carol would you like us to sing?' Ben, always at the cutting edge of equality, asked the first thing that came into his mind 'What charity?!' The man turned, and looked into the space where he expected Ben's head to be. 'The Disabled' he replied. Then dropped his gaze down to Ben sitting in his wheelchair. 'Oh!' was all he could utter. 'Oh indeed mate!'.