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Scared?! / 1 January 2008

Bathing request cartoon

Crippen Bathing Request cartoon – 1st January 08

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This cartoon relates to the Independent Living Bill which is currently going through Parliament, ably promoted by Jack Asley and Jane Campbell. Crippen pulled the idea for this cartoon from Jane’s speech in the House of Lords before Christmas. A lot of Jane's own experiences as a Disabled person, and those of other people she has contact with, were included in her speech. This ensured that those members who were listening, related it directly to the lives of Disabled people and allowed it through without opposition.



2 February 2008

I'm torn! I loved the rambling script that Crippen used to put alongside of his cartoons before his computer did the nasty on him, but I also like this new, punchier style. I wonder if anyone from the Arts Council looks at these new ones though? Be interesting to hear their side of things.


23 January 2008

Happy New Year Y´all! New Year - New Format. I like it!