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Conference on media representation of disabled people during the Olympics / 18 June 2012

On Tuesday of this week (the 19th June) I'll be attending the DAO/Shape conference to be held at the Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre, in London.

The aim of the conference is to bring together both disabled and non-disabled professional journalists and disabled artists and to look at how disabled people are being represented in the mainstream press, specifically during the Cultural Olympiad. 

I'll be creating and then presenting cartoons based upon the discussions taking place during the afternoon. Later, and In collaboration with John O'Donoghue , DAO blogger, author and creative writer, we'll be creating a series of blogs within DAO portraying disabled people and their varied reaction to the whole Olympic issue.

I'm expecting there to be lots of 'in your face' stuff as we Crips argue our side of the story to the non-disabled journalists and other media folk who will be at the conference.

I, of course, will be my usual quiet, polite and restrained self during the event! (Ed: better get the legal team on stand-by then!)

Here's a link to the events section of this web site which will explain things about the conference in more detail.


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21 June 2012

Catch you next time Rich ...

Hi Dawn. Yes,there was a wide cross section representing disabled people from all parts of society. Our very own John O'Donoghue was there and will be blogging about his impressions as a Mental Health System survivor and how he felt the event represented MH issues. I'll send you the link when he posts. :-)x

richard downes

19 June 2012

would have been nice to be with you

gladly i'm sailing off to rainy camping city

another time

Dawn Willis

19 June 2012

Glad this event is happening. Can you tell me whether 'mental health' will have any representation there?