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Always enough petrol to burn the evidence! / 31 March 2012

Crippen's Cameron burning the evidence cartoon

Crippen's cartoon of Cameron burning the evidence

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Following on from my last blog about the passing of the law proposing changes to the National Health Service, I have since had more information passed to me about a document called the 'Health Bill Transition Risk Register'.

Never heard of it? Then you're not alone.

Apparently our dear Prime Minister and his cronies are desperate for us not to see it. They've even gone so far as to refuse to comply with a ruling by the information commissioner to publish it!

The reason that they don't want us to see the Risk Register is because, according to Green Party MP Caroline Lucas, it clearly demonstrated the high level of risk involved with pushing through with the government's controversial health reforms.

According to a draft version of the Risk Register leaked to the health writer Roy Lilley, one of the main reasons highlighted is that if the proposed changes go through, the emergency services could be seriously effected!

Ms Lucas has also advised in a letter to her Brighton Pavilion constituents that despite the fact that the Health and Social Care Bill has now passed into law, there are still opportunities to campaign against the planned changes, especially given that many of  the measures will need what is known as secondary legislation before they can be implemented.

She added: "It is, therefore, of the utmost importance that pressure is kept up on the Government ... and in particular with regards to the Transition Risk Register."

So, why not ask your own MP why they haven't been pushing for the Risk Register to be made public ... it would be interesting to hear their answers!

Nicholas Watt and Randeep Ramesh report on the Risk Register in the Guardian at

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Linda burnip

2 April 2012

I was thinking of moving to Scotland at least their MPs and GPs seem to be opposing lots of the rubbish legislation the Condems have put in place

Arty Farty

31 March 2012

Nice one Mr C. Bringing together the alledged fuel crisis (what's the betting Cameron has shares with the petrol companies) and the hiding of the NHS Risk Register. Why on earth aren't Labour raising more of a stink about the warnings in the Register? Instead it takes the only Green MP to stand up and be counted. I know who I'm voting for next time, even if it means moving to Brighton! ;-)