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Continuing the fight to save our NHS / 25 March 2012

I realise that it might appear to be a 'closing the stable gate after the horse has bolted' type of scenario, especially as the government's health changes have survived their final parliamentary test and are set to become law. But I can't help feeling that there's something we can all still do to forestall the seemingly inevitable conclusion.

I suppose, having received treatment through the National Health System (NHS) several times over recent years, I can be forgiven for appearing more focussed on its imminent demise than on other 'cuts' issues.

Most people would agree that the NHS certainly needs a good sort out, but I fail to see how by sending in the Tory bovver boys who's only experience has been based upon private health care (along with their private education) anything good can come out of this. It would be, for example, something like making Boris Johnson Mayor of London; unthinkable and utterly unworkable! (Ed: Er Dave ....)

As many of you will be aware, over the past year or so I've been working with the Socialist Health Association to raise public awareness about the proposed changes to the NHS. Along with other protest groups, such as 38 degrees, they put up a stiff resistance to the proposed changes and hopefully made a few MPs stop and think before they voted earlier this week.

Both of these groups are still fighting and I still intend creating cartoons for them in order to hammer home the valid points that they are continuing to make. Please click on the following links for more information.

Click here for information about the Socialist Health Association
Click here for information about 38 degrees

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28 March 2012

Some of you have interpreted the cartoon as me having a go at the NHS. This is the complete opposite of what I mean. I'm trying to raise awareness as to what is actually happening to our NHS as this government gradually parcel it off to the private sector.

All of the cinderella areas like disability, the elderly and mental health services will inevitably get the short end of the straw (much less funding). We'll all be seen as 'useless eaters' with nothing to contribute to society and, as I've shown in the cartoon, better off dead if it's left to the Tories!

richard downes

26 March 2012

There is a school of thought that the NHS is in severe need of something or other. I couldn't say what that is.

I am however, of the view that last night's We Won't Drop The Baby with Adele and Laurence Clark ably abets the notion that the NHS is discriminatory against disabled People.

How long must we fight for the NHS before the NHS comes over to our side

John Hargrave

26 March 2012

The NHS is very dear to me. My treatments, at their hands, have always been good experiences even when I have been in a great deal of pain.

We need more nurses and doctors to carry on the good work.

Yes, a huge organisation like the NHS does need to be continually tweeked in order it to gives best value of performance and satisfaction, as it should always remain free to everyone that qualifies.

We must do our very best to save the NHS. We don't need privatisation.