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Blogs away / 7 March 2012

Crippen's Rogues Gallery cartoon

Crippen's Rogues Gallery cartoon

Zoom in to this image and read text description

I have also reopened my Crippen Cartooning Blog in conjunction with this blog on DisabilityArtsOnline web journal.

Non-disabled people are warned not to visit this other blog if they are of a delicate and sensitive disposition.

Like my work on this blog, all my cartoons have text description inbuilt. Just click on the cartoon to bring it up.

You can view Crippen's Cartoon Blog by clicking here

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9 March 2012

Pity you didn't have room for Blair on the wall as well. Oh wait though. Isn't he a war criminal?!

Arty Farty

9 March 2012

Don't you go overdoing it again you oldie you ;-)