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Thursday, April 10th 2008 / 10 April 2008

Our cousins over the water: I often get requests from American magazines for cartoons. Well, to be more exact, they more often ask me if they can use one of the cartoons that they’ve seen on the web site or this blog. These e-zines (web based magazines) are usually run by a Disabled person with a specific impairment, and they feature issues relating to their own particular group of Crips.

The Yanks sometimes have a bit of trouble getting their heads around our Social Model understanding of disability and the fact that we call ourselves Disabled people. They identify for the most as ‘people with disabilities’ (say it in a drawling mid west accent, it works better!). Or they may alternatively refer to themselves as … wait for it … a ‘differently abled’ person! Of course my mind being what it is I just couldn’t resist taking it to the extreme with this cartoon on the right. (At least he didn’t make one of his usual dreadful puns about the character being a head case or something! – Ed) Well, I do like to keep ahead of things! (Groan! – Ed)

NB: Not sure why the cartoon has come out so small this time, but just click on it and you'll get a bigger version as usual (along with a description for screen reading software).



19 April 2008

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