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Friday, May 2nd 2008 / 2 May 2008

May already. Where does the time go? Only seemed like last week that we were deciding what to do for christmas! It's supposed to mean a sign of aging when time starts to resemble a runaway train doesn't it? Ah well.

Legless - As I've probably mentioned, a lot of my work gets used by fellow crips as part of their work as Disability Equality trainers. Having shared some of these cartoons with you in the past, I thought you might enjoy seeing another one that takes a dig at those non-disabled 'trainers' who are still using the 'disability awareness' approach!

Come on now folks. How about stepping aside and letting those amongst us who know what we're talking about get on with the job of spreading the Equality message, without being undermined by those of you still stuck in the dark ages?!

Reinstated 2007 text - Some of you may have noticed that I've not been idle since my last entry in April. I've now managed to reinsert the text that disappeared from last year's blog entries (not sure what happened there) and they're all up together again for those of you without any life and who do look back through previous entries!


john and anne

5 May 2008

pre op precaution,PLEASE,make sure the saw is sterile and sharp,,,,,,,,,,,,great talent dave

Kit Wells NUJ

5 May 2008

As a former editor who once foolishly encouraged this man by publishing his work, I feel it only right to say that, in those good old days, Lupton was vivacious, slim, funny and quite good looking. Now he's just funny! I recently visited him in his lair in Spain and discovered the great man lurking behind a cactus polishing his funny bone (or at last that what it looked like) Cheers, Dave