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Frustrating / 5 May 2008

Our old mate Jack Ashley is still plugging away at getting his Disabled Persons (Independent Living) Bill through the necessary readings in the House of Commons. The Bill was passed by the Lords last April and then introduced to the Commons by Roger Berry MP. It then failed after its second reading due to lack of Parliamentary time.

I know that Jack found this extremely frustrating (to say the least!) and felt that the process was just being abused in order to block the Bill. He’s now going through the whole procedure again (with its third reading in the Lords coming up again soon) and will keep pushing until it gets accepted by the Government.

What can we do?

We can all support Jack by writing to our MPs, asking them to support the Bill and help get it through the necessary readings in the Commons. Tell them that we want comprehensive legislation along with legislative control in order to ensure equality for Disabled people. This Bill will provide that. And whilst you’re doing that, why not copy Jack in and show him that we’re all behind him. His email address is -