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Rubber stamped / 12 May 2008

Not everything pro-disability gets rubber stamped by the House of Lords. Take last year, for example, when they ruled that older and disabled people placed in independent care homes by local authorities were not covered by the Human Rights Act.

As you’re probably aware, the Human Rights Act includes duties that protect a person’s right to be treated with dignity, have their personal integrity respected, and enjoy privacy and family life. The government’s next move is to look at how it can extend the remit of the Act by changing the health and social care bill currently going through Parliament. This would then reverse the consequences of the ruling made by the Lords.

It occurred to me that as much of the Lords are made up of older people, you would have thought that it was in their best interest to have let this one through wouldn’t you?!



12 May 2008

How come Crippen's in Spain most of the time yet he gets the lowdown on disability events in the UK before any of us here?