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Sad news / 19 May 2008

I’ve just received the very sad news that Disabled Solicitor and Disability Rights advocate Sue Maynard (Campbell) has died. Most of you will know that she had been in intensive care since the end of March following a cardiac arrest. Our thoughts go to her family and colleagues and to her many friends in the Disabled people’s movement around the world.

Sue was one of the unsung heroines of the disabled people’s movement. She was a leading light in the Association of Disabled Professionals in the 1980s and 1990s, and as such was one of the founders of BCODP, now UKDPC. Since then, as well as running her own company she has been involved in countless campaigns to further disabled people’s equality. Her work was eventually recognised by the award of an MBE a couple of years ago.

Sue was instrumental in getting me and a couple of colleagues out of a messy legal tangle some years ago when we tried to save a disability arts magazine that had gone into melt down mode. Her sensible advice as well as her sharp legal mind saved us from what could have been a costly and painful experience. Thanks Sue. We'll all miss you.