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The blues / 16 June 2008

According to the daily Torygraph Disabled people are selling their blue badges on e-bay for as much as 5,000 pounds. Apparently in London, the badges exempt motorists from the capital's congestion charge, a concession worth about £2,000 on its own, before parking is taken into account.

In another article they also claim that: ‘up to 700,000 motorists are fraudulently using disabled badges to obtain parking privileges all over Britain – this is according to evidence presented to the Government by disability organisations’.

They add that: ‘one third of Britain's 2 million disabled badges are being wrongly used, say the charities’. And that: ‘many non-disabled drivers "borrow" the badges from relatives, while others use computers and scanners to forge them.’

(It’s interesting to note that they never actually say which disability organisations or charities provide them with this information.)

Damn Disabled people. Not content with living in luxury on the state, they’re running scams that are netting thousands of pounds. We should be ashamed of ourselves!



18 June 2008

Okay I tried looking on e-bay, but couldn't find the badge, let alone the mobility impairment. What's going on Mr C? Are your sources as reliable as one would hope?