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Another job for the boys?! / 16 August 2011

Crippen's cartoon about the new non-disabled director of ODI

Crippen's cartoon about the new non-disabled director of ODI

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Now you see him, now you don't ...

The CONDEM Coalition has replaced the disabled director of its Office for Disability Issues (ODI), Tim Cooper, with a non-disabled civil servant. 

Rumour has it that the switch, which wasn't even advertised, was due to problems around Cooper being forced to give a public defence of the government’s record after disabled activists criticised its programme of spending cuts and attitude to human rights.

Cooper, who has refused to discuss the reasons for his departure, is moving to a new job as chief executive of Advance, a supported housing and employment charity, after two years as ODI’s director.

You\'ll recall that the ODI was set up in 2005 by the Labour government to help deliver equality for disabled people by 2025 and act as a champion for disabled people across government.

The person replacing him is civil servant Jeremy Moore, who is NOT disabled and will also be taking on the role of director of independent living. He was actually appointed before many ODI staff were told Cooper was leaving. He will now be responsible for all disability issues across the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), including employment, benefits and the ODI.

A DWP spokesman said Moore was appointed because he “has a lot of experience working on disability issues and was the best candidate for the job”.

Oh yes?! Apart from having held "various roles in the Department, most recently as director of the departmental transformation programme" (whatever that is?!) I haven't met one Crip who knows anything about him. In fact, apart from his resemblance to the late Eric Morecombe, he appears to be just another Tory clone in a grey suit.

He certainly seems to be Maria Miller's (minister for disabled people) blue eyed boy though. Here's what she had to say about his promotion: “Jeremy brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise and I look forward to working with him in engaging with disabled people and disability organisations to ensure they are fully involved in the decisions which affect their lives."

She added: "Bringing all disability issues together under one director reflects our commitment to a more joined up approach in ensuring disability issues are given the attention they deserve.”

And we all know what attention she feels we deserve ... bugger all!

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Sue Bott

25 August 2011

Now look here Jeremy, or whatever your name is, there's only one direcor of (national centre for) independent living and that's me right so clear off or I'll set my guide dog on you!


16 August 2011

Outrageous. Just what is it these bozos don't understand about the lived experience of disability being a key competency for the job?

Linda Burnip

16 August 2011

nice to see you back. We are waiting for Miller the Killer to reply to an invitation to speak at the DPAC conference in October. We thought she should meet some of us.

Arty Farty

16 August 2011

This is another example of this government's corrupt way of managing anything to do with disability. No advertisement, no interview, no recruitment process at all! Tim (Tim but nice)Cooper wasn't exactly a representative of crip culture but he was disabled and he gave it his best shot. Wonder if he'll break his vow of silence?

BTW Mr C, it's good to have you back rattling the CONDEM's cage again! :-)