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Explorer / 20 June 2008

I’ve had several emails recently saying that some of you have been having problems accessing this blog through Internet Explorer. We’ve not been the only site that’s been effected though, as Internet Explorer generally has been hanging, freezing, failing to find web pages, failing to log on to email accounts, etc., amongst other problems. Interestingly, this problem only occurs if you’re also running Skype on your computer.

Well, it seems that it’s all to do with a little critter called Skype IE addon. This bit of code modifies every web page that you visit in order to highlight phone numbers, even if the web page contains no phone numbers at all! Most of the time these modifications are not visible so you don’t even realise it’s going on. This apparently has been what’s causing the problem. All of these Internet Explorer problems disappear if you disable this Skype IE Add on (in other words dump the little bugger!).

This is what you have to do: In Internet Explorer select Tools -> Manage Add Ons -> Enable or Disable Add ons. In Enabled Add ons, select ‘Skype Add on’ (NOT the other Skype file shown), highlight it and then select Disable. Re-boot Internet Explorer and it should have sorted things.

I’ve tried it and it works fine, although I’ve gotten to like the Firefox system that I changed to when Internet Explorer almost drove me to throwing the computer out of the window, so I think I’ll stay with that! ( will get you to the free download if you’re interested).