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Brighton-based charity Creative Future has launched its second national competition, The Creative Future Literary Awards championed by top poet and playwright Lemn Sissay and bestselling author Maggie Gee, to discover the best writers from disadvantaged groups.

This competition is for disabled people, people with mental health issues, a substance misuse issue, those who are homeless or in temporary accommodation, refugees, survivors of abuse, the long term unemployed, people with a learning disability, carers, offenders or ex-offenders, travellers, members of the BME community, members of the LGBT community, or older people (65+).!

Maggie Gee explained:  

‘Creativity belongs to everyone. Creativity helps people survive hard times. Creativity can't be taken from us, but given encouragement, it grows. That's why I'm supporting Creative Future Literary Awards.'

Lemn Sissay said:  

‘Creativity thrives where it is most needed. That is why I support the CF Literary Awards.’

Dominique De-Light, Director of Creative Future, added: 

‘The Creative Future Literary Awards showcase the work of the most talented marginalised writers and as such gives those who are the most vulnerable and socially excluded in our society the chance to have their voice heard and their talent recognised. We were overwhelmed by the variety and quality of work we received for the last awards and are greatly looking forward to reading the entries for this year’s competition, as well as the rolling out of our national programme of workshops (a first this year).’

This year’s theme is Impossible Things, inspired by a quote from Lewis Carroll whose classic novel: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2015.

There are prizes totaling £1,000 as well as professional development opportunities for winners of the competition.

A special award ceremony will take place in London in October (hosted by Lemn Sissay and novelist Maggie Gee) where the winners receive their prizes, read their work and meet the judges.

How to enter the competition?
• Submissions are open from: 16 March to 15 June 2015
• Applicants can submit up to one piece of writing in each category (poetry or fiction).
• Poems should not exceed 200 words.

• Short fiction should not exceed 300 words.
• People can apply online, in person, or by post.

Please visit the CFLA website for full details or contact [email protected] if you have any further questions.


Creative Future Literary Awards

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18 May 2015

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