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My name's Bonk and I love to write, when my brain hurts and gets too tight! I am bi-polar please don't be scared… don't run… just listen, as I get prepared. Open your eyes… I hope you enjoy my thoughts. And so I'll begin with a poem or some daily reports.


23 February 2013


Bonk and Cameron in a bath

Dear David Cameroon, I'm sorry to hear that you went mad and lost your job ... got detained and we now share a room. It's funny when you end up becoming disabled, it wasn't exactly what you'd planned for, this being unstable, was it? So now you're here with all us crips, swallowing all from your tablet strips. Waiting for family to visit again, knowing that you're in here means that you are insane. My name's Bonk, welcome to my second home. It's not great and...

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22 February 2013


Flip top head

Today I jumped up and made for the bathroom, got myself dressed and gave out a sparkle. My smile will travel, it's massive and bright, it's starting to hurt as it makes my face tight. 'Wreck it Ralph' is the one we decide, the kids and myself, it's the film we've not tried. He's a lot like me in many ways, a big guy who wants to be good, but is often simply misunderstood. I've got a big heart and I do try to help, but sometimes it's wrong and people just yelp! I crave to be liked and I try and...

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Memories that shine

21 February 2013


A father hugs his children

Today ... I awoke as fresh as a daisy, up and away from being stuck in and crazy. I enter the kitchen and make us some toast, the kids are on form so I shall make the most of this bright sunny day on this half term week, with friends old and new some adventure we seek. Together we kids take a stroll to the park, the hours rush by and it starts to get dark. Right home for supper and a hot cup of tea. I wonder who's cooking, ah that would be me! No time to stop as we're nearly back home,...

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Wrap Rap

21 February 2013


Bonk - a character from the Criptarts

Too many ideas to achieve today, so many thoughts that have run away. Often I gaze and look into the grey matter that is the patter on my milky way. I wander through days and act on my gaze, but nowhere it goes ... as my mind's a slave ... to my inspirations and drive that go round and round more often than not, driving me into the ground. The options I strive for never seem to come near, yet my thoughts and time get lost without fear. I sit again at this pad with lettered keys and a world...

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