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My name's Bonk and I love to write, when my brain hurts and gets too tight! I am bi-polar please don't be scared… don't run… just listen, as I get prepared. Open your eyes… I hope you enjoy my thoughts. And so I'll begin with a poem or some daily reports.

Beware the Clown

28 April 2014



  In the disguise of the clown it's a statement I make A painted vision of what’s really at stake Laugh at me, I'm sure you will as I walk in face paint on up the hill My hands droop down, my balloons are deflated all this crap makes me constipated! I shout: I'M THE CLOWN OF JUSTICE AND I'VE COME TO LET YOU KNOW THAT IT'S TIME FOR IDS TO GO REVOLUTION FOR THE PEOPLE I STAND HERE FOR THEM PORTRAYING OUR ANGER FOR NEWS AT 10 I hear them laughing, mutter under their...

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