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My name's Bonk and I love to write, when my brain hurts and gets too tight! I am bi-polar please don't be scared… don't run… just listen, as I get prepared. Open your eyes… I hope you enjoy my thoughts. And so I'll begin with a poem or some daily reports.

Putrid Farce!

28 February 2014


Brush up

The final count down has begun so says Bonk, old Crippen's son. He's travelled far and journeyed wide to make sure ATOS cannot hide He's on the way with foot in door he's going to even up the score With ringing shout and banner high   this Atos kills you'll hear him cry So Atos workers if you must in your bosses cease to trust Then join us here as we protest throughout the country, be our guest Just quite your jobs, leave right away 'cause Atos stands with feet of...

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Only eight days more!

11 February 2014


8 days to go

Only eight days more untill we start our shout telling all the people, what ATOS is about We don't give a damn if it's all bad weather we'll make our point quite forcibly by coming all together Remembering those people who've all died in pain mistreated by ATOS for just some monetary gain The memory of them all, held by us with pride no reason at all for so many to have died So as we gather proudly, in our mass numbers to protest once against, about those ATOS blunders As...

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Why I write in Rhyme?

6 February 2014


Bonk Rhyming

You ask me why I write in rhyme, do I really do it all the time? Why I communicate in verse, does it make my thoughts seem terse? What's the reason for this style, easier my thoughts to file? My poems they need to be compact, to cram in feelings and some fact. Condensed, distilled, more punch it packs, I have to keep it on the tracks. But then my verses can be dark, beware the bite that's in this bark. My anger it just spills right out, and then my poems become a shout! All those...

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Slower ...

4 February 2014


Slow brain

What's your problem they ask me, why can't you just chill?
You don't have to do anything, you're supposed to be ill!
The doctors and specialists all say the same
Don't expect an improvement, your mind is quite lame!
Just keeping taking these tablets and then you will see
that it all becomes slower ...

and slower ...

and s-l-o-w-e-r

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ATOS demon

3 February 2014


Bonk with megaphone

Let Atos assess us and cut us away away from the lifeline that benefit's pay Tell the public we're wasters, we're all on the con we're not really disabled, the conclusions forgone put us all in the workhouse, get us all of the streets keep society tidy, hide us benefit cheats Being shown as the scapegoats, it's not really the bankers blame us poor bloody cripples not those greedy fat wankers! So let's shout out our anger, exposing our pain let the world know we're...

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