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Hurray Hurrah - Day 4 / 21 October 2014

I'm alive and out of my bed
These tablets I can feel as my body digests
My mind is clear but now racing like a jet

Synthetic I know, But it's filling the gaps
As I venture around and now out the door
Iv not felt this good before

I don't feel lathargic Or stuck in bad mood
I feel naughty and cheeky,
So sorry if I'm rude

But I feel like it's working and
I'm climbing back from the dead
I'm not a great believer in medication
But this time it seems that
these pills are good for my head

So let me enjoy these first few days of bliss
The joker is back, For now I'm a delight
I'm now sat smiling and chuckling away.

Hurray hurray .....