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The DWP Protest - Bring on the clowns! / 2 July 2014

On the 4th I'll be going dressed up as a clown
but with helmet and whistle - do I see you frown?
Yes, I'm promoting myself to Inspector that day
my blue flashing light keeping real cops at bay
we don't want a replay of what went before
when the Dean of Westminster slammed compassions wide door
With Bonk as Inspector they'll think before they
arrest his brothers and sisters on their protest day
But I've not come alone I've invited a gang
of other great clowns who'll arrive with a bang
Keep the police on their toes, unsure and off balance
they won't know what's hit them when we start to dance  
I'm coming with Dandy he'll be looking quite grand
with his neat bag of tricks and his quick slight of hand
He's going to run for prime minister, that is his boast
He can't speak at all but can make really good toast
So clowns to the front we'll be there to distract
and confuse the old bill when they start to attack
pulling mice from their helmets and flowers to boot
we may even start tickling, that would be a hoot
So practicing japes that we can do that day
keep the master of trickery from having his way
when the slick Duncan donut hides under his desk
we won't stop till we've nailed him with our welfare test!

You can run IDS but you can't hide!