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The Westminster Protest / 2 July 2014

Where is the media when real news is about?
reporting on celebrities, of this I've no doubt
When thousands of people were out on the streets
the BBC was silent, just playing repeats
But when DPAC stood firm along with sisters and brothers
and the old bill turned out in their hundreds to smother
a protest of peace held inside the church grounds
disabled people - that brought heavy frowns
from the Dean of Westminster who shouted forlorn
"Get these terrorists out; off our sanctified lawn!"  
But what of the part that religion should play
in protecting the vulnerable when they have no say
Is GOD not outraged with injustice and lies?
Are the Dean and his cronies all playing off-side?
When the police threaten Cripples with prison or worse
when they stand in a church yard giving chapter and verse
Not allowing PA's to provide their support
stopping water and medicines as if it were sport
Standing on blankets and blocking a ramp
with dumb, blank expressions disrupting the camp
But look, here comes the media their cameras a flashing
the hacks closely follow, their teeth all a gnashing
But DPAC with dignity along with their peers
have achieved what they wanted, their goal, to loud cheers
The police looking foolish in over-kill mode
watch as people depart, spilling out on the road
So where does that leave them, with egg on their face
as the church and police in their three legged race
slink quietly away as the public take note
that societies guardians have all turned their coat!

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