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We love Glenda Jackson / 2 July 2014

Glenda Jackson, amazing MP, I listened to you with awe
as you grab IDS by his shiny lapels and use him to wipe the floor
"He's lost touch with reality" we all hear you say
"He'll be walking on water if he had his way!"
Your passion is blinding your rhetoric cuts
like a rapier flashing to slice at this klutz
cutting right to the heart of his bullying ways
your withering look skewers all that he says
as you pour out your scorn quoting facts after fact
He slumps in his seat like a second class act
Trying smug and bemused he goes for a look
that only back-fires when he looks like a crook!
We love you dear Glenda and if we had our way
you'd be leading this country, keeping Tories at bay
your passion, your caring you wear on your sleeve
the words that you use are the ones we believe
So please keep on attacking this cold hearted thug
squash him under your heal as though he were a bug!