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At this year's Dandifest / 8 May 2014

I'm here in a churchyard invited by Vince
to join with the Dandies and dance
A bit taken aback by the range of their art
so I sit for a while in a trance

They have taken this town by surprise and by storm
Pride and proud with their flags waving free
Everyone friendly and so full of life
surely, this is the way it should be

Brilliant blue is the sky as it soars overhead
and folk dressed as daisies perform
A background of chatter, like birds in the trees
and we all think 'this should be the norm'

The juxtaposition of those taking part
and those who have just wandered in
makes for comical scenes as the two worlds collide
mixing Yang with the Dandies bold Yin

And as for Vince Laws, well his passion is such
that he shares it with all who take part
as his energy flows, first through me, then through you
we all realise that here is pure art