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Pissed Off / 7 May 2014

They say that they will stop us from protesting in the streets
they say we are all scroungers and benefit claimant cheats
They're bringing out the big guns to stop us in our track
if we make our protest public, it's their duty to attack

with water cannon mounted on a heavily armoured truck
they'll shoot the legs from under us, 'cause they don't give a fuck
But Bonk's going to dispel them and take back all our power
by cleaning out the government with his holy water shower

He'll take the piss quite literally and cover them in shame
then he'll shake the drops, exposing them at their sordid little game
He'll  turn the slogan on its head when we say 'Piss on Pity'
instead he'll target Tories and the fat cats in the City
A flood of raw emotion, spraying out with all the best  
they'll sink or swim as he zips up, having put them to the test!