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Putrid Farce! / 28 February 2014

The final count down has begun
so says Bonk, old Crippen's son.
He's travelled far and journeyed wide
to make sure ATOS cannot hide
He's on the way with foot in door
he's going to even up the score
With ringing shout and banner high  
this Atos kills you'll hear him cry
So Atos workers if you must
in your bosses cease to trust
Then join us here as we protest
throughout the country, be our guest
Just quite your jobs, leave right away
'cause Atos stands with feet of clay
But if you stay and still assess
with murder pens and forms that mess
with people's lives and tear apart
computer code that has no heart
So stop this now, this putrid farce  
or we will stuff it up your arse!