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Why I write in Rhyme? / 6 February 2014

You ask me why I write in rhyme, do I really do it all the time?
Why I communicate in verse, does it make my thoughts seem terse?
What's the reason for this style, easier my thoughts to file?

My poems they need to be compact, to cram in feelings and some fact.
Condensed, distilled, more punch it packs, I have to keep it on the tracks.
But then my verses can be dark, beware the bite that's in this bark.

My anger it just spills right out, and then my poems become a shout!
All those feelings locked away, it becomes so hard to say,
what I really feel inside, where my secret thoughts all hide.

But with verse they seem to fall, from between my lips they call,
faster than the speed of thought, in my poetry they're caught.
Feelings strung out in a row, like a life-line you would throw.

Perhaps that is the reason why, I think in verse no tongue to tie.
Then it's rhythm to the fore, feelings knocking on the door,
waiting for my mind to turn them into images that burn
like a candle in my mind, spilling light as words unwind.

Into doggeral and worse, into badly fractured verse.
But it becomes what I can show, all my muddled thoughts that grow,
into something you can see, which in the end is really ... me!

Love Bonk x


Created as a guest poem  for Mentally Wealthy