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ATOS demon / 3 February 2014

Let Atos assess us and cut us away
away from the lifeline that benefit's pay
Tell the public we're wasters, we're all on the con
we're not really disabled, the conclusions forgone
put us all in the workhouse, get us all of the streets
keep society tidy, hide us benefit cheats
Being shown as the scapegoats, it's not really the bankers
blame us poor bloody cripples not those greedy fat wankers!
So let's shout out our anger, exposing our pain
let the world know we're hurting whilst playing their game
We can gather at Atos, at all of their sites
and we'll see what reaction our protest incites
Let it be on a Wednesday, quite early, say eight?
on the 19th of February, let's make it a date!

Tell them Bonk sent you!


ONLY 16 more days to go!

An organised Atos Protest at every Atos Centre in the country on Wednesday 19th February, 2014. Starting times vary. Click here for more details