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ATOS kills / 22 January 2014

Countdown - only 29 more days to the big ATOS demo on 19th Feb 2014

This Atos kills at random, slaughtering in batches
raking in the profits and not paying any taxes.
To them you're not a person, you're just a pot of money
to fill up their deep pockets like an ant collecting honey.

There's no respect and your rights they don't exist
you're just being processed, it's pointless to resist.
'So what' if it wrecks you and makes you end your life
they'll even hold your wrist out and present you with the knife.

It really is mass murder on a large, and mindless scale
except no one gets to go to court or end up in a jail.
They say they're not responsible, the fault is really ours
it's us that is the problem with all our bloody scars.

So on the 19th we'll be shouting, right outside their door
all the names of those who've died, whilst they keep their score
of claimants they have targeted, of benefits they've chopped,
to fail the 65 percent, they think they can't be stopped.

But we'll assemble in our thousands, standing side by side
as the demo fast approaches and we gather nation wide.
And we will tell you Atos, you've pushed us just too far
you can't just hide behind him now, that Works & Pensions tsar.

We'll be posing all those questions that you won't let us ask
confronting you with all your crimes and taking you to task.
We'll name the people that have died, those tossed onto the floor
we'll drag our crippled bodies there and shout outside your door.

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