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You're just as vulnerable / 18 January 2014

Countdown - only 33 more days to the big Atos demo on 19th Feb 2014

The callous way they're culling us and generating fear
using us as scapegoats whilst they plunder from the rear
Using media buddies to cover up who dies
turning ordinary folk against us with their cruel, distorted lies

Creating a new underclass, something folks should fear
Telling them we're leaches, that the picture's very clear
If they want to keep their comforts and their 'happy hour' lives
then the voters all should listen if they want to win the prize

But they're the ones who're holding you, back from the milk and honey
It's the Tories who are robbing you, and taking all the money
It’s time to shake those scales off from your eyes, and start to see
To understand what’s happening; that you’re as vulnerable as me!


Click here for details about the proposed Atos protest at a Centre near you