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Dear Sun newspaper... / 7 October 2013

Mental health survivors are at an all time low,
you're using us as targets, just to have a go.
You're using us as scapegoats, whereas we're the ones in need,
You're labelling us as murderers, the frenzy so to feed.
You don't know us at all, yet you print these viscious tales,  
your readers form opinions based upon your need for sales.
As people with these issues, we're more scared than you think,
more likely just to hurt ourselves when pushed towards the brink.
Your 'facts' are all wrong, your not telling the truth,
we know the real story, and we want  to see your proof.
Expose to the world all the lies that you hack ...
It's a wonder I can write with this axe stuck in my back!  


Keywords: bipolar,disability representation,satire,schizophrenia,the sun newspaper