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Caught in a rut / 23 May 2013

I've got lost again, caught in a rut! Those around me trying hard to help me make the cut. I'm stuck in the bubble, away from time itself, the hairs on my chin grow quicker in the blink of an eye the sun goes up and then goes down, leaving me again for another day with a blank frown.

I'm not in pain you see and I'm not upset, I just can't climb out of this mood. It's like being in a spider trapped in a glass, you can see others outside moving around, but to you it's just a blur, and the sounds are muffled.

Trying pointlessly to climb up the inside of the glass, making it a few steps then sliding back down to the bottom again. Nothing and no one can help you as you're in there on your own.

Well today I climbed the glass and made it out. It's taken me nearly two weeks but I'm back. Slowly but surely I've enter back from the desolate land of depression. Sometimes I believe it's like waking from a coma. Pour myself a coffee and suck in deep the aroma!

Wife has missed me and is so glad I'm with her again. It's obvious the kids have missed me as they start jumping all over my back. Lost in limbo is all I can say, glad to be back and enjoy this sunny day ...