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Bonding / 9 March 2013

Today was refreshing, the sun was alight, my mood opened up and my day did ignite. I opened the windows and let in the air, filling the room with the sun's magic glare. I ventured outside and filled up my lungs, and started to plan, no more speaking in tongues. People alive, and smiling their way, time just to talk and exchanging good day.

Bonding with children, and especially my son, becoming so close we are thinking as one. We discuss life and challenges, find where to begin, finding answers to questions he has deep within. Expressing emotions, he's started to sing, performing so sweetly, his word's given wing.

Listen to children, you'll learn quite a lot, tugging your heart strings they'll hit the right spot. Cherishing the times you'll remember the most, that time spent with children when feeling so close. We're a 'special needs' family, it says on the tin, but I've learned more from my kids than I did in the bin.

They keep me strong when I'm down, when their noise fills the room, when my strings need retuning they'll search for my tune. With their mum at the centre, my family are there, caring for me with a love that's laid bare. Turn me out when I'm in, when I can't see the way, my chidren, my princess, keep the madness at bay.

Bonk - 10th March 2013