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Mind Telly / 27 February 2013

Flooding the world with my mindful words, pick up the torch that I hold so dear. Opening up the minds of many, let them come in and watch my mind telly. So many shows going on in my mind, I can't show them all as it wouldn't be kind.

Just speaking like this, I rarely give up, I'm focussing now, as I fill up your cup. The images flow as you throw in the towel, it's not time to quite, nor the time to cry foul. Open the broadcast as I have arrived, I'm talking abuse on the mental health side. Speaking to no one in my verbal mouth, I'm writing these words from deep down in my south.

No more will they use me in their mental stigma, I'll write in a cypher,  the code my Enigma. I'll codify words that I'll then shout out aloud, it's all very simple "I'm mental and proud!"

Bonk - 27th February 2013