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The Edge / 26 February 2013

Shall I travell to London to ask number 10, why they are making us ill again!


I'm disabled and struggle to see the why, your just picking on me, and making me cry, out with the truth, is it just me annoys ya, or is this a touch of the old paranoia?


Ask me straight what I'd like you to do. I've got some ideas I can put to you. So open your door and let me through. How about I cut off your feet, and send you to work for just a few weeks? Or how about we chop of your hands, and off to the work house (which is your next plan). Force you outside when your brain is hurting, not able to see all those issues you're skirting, just to balance the books and keep hold of those purse strings.


You come with me and I'll show you the pain, of the people you're pushing, off the edge called insane.


Bonk 26th February 2013


Keywords: bipolar,blogging,mental health,nhs changes