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Memories that shine / 21 February 2013

Today ... I awoke as fresh as a daisy,
up and away from being stuck in and crazy.
I enter the kitchen and make us some toast,
the kids are on form so I shall make the most
of this bright sunny day on this half term week,
with friends old and new some adventure we seek.

Together we kids take a stroll to the park,
the hours rush by and it starts to get dark.
Right home for supper and a hot cup of tea.
I wonder who's cooking, ah that would be me!

No time to stop as we're nearly back home,
then one of the kids has started to moan.
"Pick me up dad, or my feet will drop off!"
stamping her foot and goes into a huff.

Who wants a lolly? I offer a bribe,
for feet that are hurting I often prescribe,
a lolly with juices and freezing cold ice
puts a skip in her step, worth paying the price.

Back home in the evening the kids safe in bed
I visit the memories stored deep in my head.
Just an ordinary day,
"So what?" you may say.
But what most take for granted
I've struggled to find,
for a mind that's bipolar,
each memory shines.

Bonk Bi-Polar 21st February 2013

Keywords: bipolar,blogging,memories,mental health