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Wrap Rap / 21 February 2013

Too many ideas to achieve today,
so many thoughts that have run away.
Often I gaze and look into the grey matter
that is the patter on my milky way.

I wander through days and act on my gaze,
but nowhere it goes ... as my mind's a slave ...
to my inspirations and drive that go round and round
more often than not, driving me into the ground.

The options I strive for never seem to come near,
yet my thoughts and time get lost without fear.
I sit again at this pad with lettered keys
and a world I'm connected by internet that can often deceive.

My brain goes round and round and round,
yet I'm not moving, not a peep not a sound.
I can open my mind and step onto a cloud,
placing myself in a busy bustling crowd.

Am I mental?  I ask myself with a chuckle then I answer with yes, and a proud internal stutter.
Sitting wondering why my mind has these ticks,
never understanding what it is that makes me lick ...
my top front lip and why I rotate my neck ...‘till it clicks.

Oh no my legs are beginning to twitch,
stuck in this body like a trick,
deep breath in and out can stop me from feeling shit.
Mind slows as I take charge of it.

One again the brain, my brain has caused these deep tricks. Wonder why now I can hear conversations?
They’re not real as the people are not here, but yet clear as day.
I look over my shoulder, I'm sat all alone by myself and beginning to wonder ...
is it real or am I having a moment??!!
“Shut up Bonk” you’re starting to mutter,
if you told people what you did they would call you a NUTTER!

So when I'm quiet and looking lost looking puzzled and stuck!
Don't worry about me as I'm talking to US ...  
US being me myself and I,
and WE don't give a Fu*K!

Bonk Bipolar 15th February 2013



























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