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My name's Bonk and I love to write, when my brain hurts and gets too tight! I am bi-polar please don't be scared… don't run… just listen, as I get prepared. Open your eyes… I hope you enjoy my thoughts. And so I'll begin with a poem or some daily reports.

Are you mad yet?!

28 January 2014



Are you mad yet? They're killing off our brothers our sisters, all those others Are you mad yet? They say we all are faking And the benefits we're taking Are you mad yet? We’re the reason there's no money in this land of milk and honey Are you mad yet? They're making us the scapegoats with an endless flow of bad quotes Are you mad yet? in the media, which they own as they cut us to the bone Are you mad yet? THEN WHY AREN'T YOU MAD...

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Find me?

26 January 2014


Missing poster

Woke up, got dressed, straight out to play used to wonder what I'll find that day? I could go anywhere, be home when I like no one will notice if I'm not back till night. I travelled and wandered, imagination gone mad been my own secret agent, a spy, not a lad. With scabs on my knees and scrapes up my arms I'd wander through fields and trespass on farms. Climbing tall trees and walking on walls Lost in a bubble, no real thought about falls. Talking to strangers, I trust everyone...

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ATOS kills

22 January 2014


Atos kills

Countdown - only 29 more days to the big ATOS demo on 19th Feb 2014 This Atos kills at random, slaughtering in batches raking in the profits and not paying any taxes. To them you're not a person, you're just a pot of money to fill up their deep pockets like an ant collecting honey. There's no respect and your rights they don't exist you're just being processed, it's pointless to resist. 'So what' if it wrecks you and makes you end your life they'll even hold...

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You're just as vulnerable

18 January 2014



Countdown - only 33 more days to the big Atos demo on 19th Feb 2014 The callous way they're culling us and generating fear using us as scapegoats whilst they plunder from the rear Using media buddies to cover up who dies turning ordinary folk against us with their cruel, distorted lies Creating a new underclass, something folks should fear Telling them we're leaches, that the picture's very clear If they want to keep their comforts and their 'happy hour' lives then the...

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COUNTDOWN - only 36 days!

15 January 2014


jack and Jill

Countdown - only 36 days to the big Atos demo on 19th Feb 2014 Jack and Jill went up the hill to be assessed by Atos They threw Jack down and broke his crown to show him who's the real boss But Jill got mad said this was bad and started off an action The flame was fanned throughout the land the protest just a fraction Of what we thought of those who sought to cull us with their system The blood they spill when Atos kill but we're the ones who'll stop them   Please click here...

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Stuff medication

14 January 2014


Bonk's label cartoon

But I'm more than this label (Bipolar its name) there's a real me inside here still fanning the flame of my creativity, my unique way of painting a picture with words that hold sway over your imagination, the way you construe how we struggle to live in this world, and our view of the way that you see us, the way that you think that without medication we'd all surely sink. But better to fly without your safety net our minds spinning freely, our thoughts like a jet of such vast...

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Tit for tat

12 January 2014


tit for tat

Fat cat
glossy rat
stamp them out
baseball bat
crack crack
break their back
now's the time
tit for tat!

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10 January 2014


A fat pampered cat

Months have gone by and I still feel the same unable to cope so start feeling the shame. It's all just repeating, it never slows down as I start to flounder, my mind starts to drown. I just sit here twitching or eat till I'm fat I feel like a pet, you know, a fat pampered cat. I want to have purpose and meaning in life not only a husband, great kids and a wife who is so understanding, supports me through hell leads me out of the place that's my own little cell. But I want something...

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The rat and the black bowler hat

10 January 2014


Black rat with a bowler hat

fat cat drinking gold top from a black bowler hat when seen from the side it's just really a rat who's leaving the ship which is starting to sink and he's stripping the profits, they're gone in a blink of an eye, though not seeing and turning quite blind to the fact that it's leaving us all in a bind All those safety net systems that catch all that fall he's now eaten away and it's part of his haul Now he's eating the people, the poor and the sick in fact all of...

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My words as my weapon

6 January 2014


Bonk's sword

So many ideas bubbling too near the edge too many thoughts toppling over the ledge Back with a new mood and differing style I'm gonna open my soul, trying this for a while A tool of mass words, of destruction, take note I'm here with a vengeance, protaganists to smote with my words as my weapon, my thoughts form the point I'll just stab at injustice, those that fall I'll annoint. I'll get right in their faces and stand up for what's right Striking out at the grey suits...

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