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Light Relief - Trish takes a few minutes break from funding applications to give an update on this month at DAO. / 6 October 2011

So far I’m managing one blog per month in a very hectic schedule. Report card so far then? Ok, but could do better!

With the Autumn brings pressures on fundraising. As most of the readers I’m sure are aware, the pressures of funding in the arts and especially Disability Arts are very high and DAO, like any other organisation needs those funds to survive. So, over the coming weeks, I’ll have my head down writing as many funding applications as I can to ensure that we can continue to do what we do and develop into the future.

Without boring you with the details I’ll move onto talking about some of the amazing events of the last month but first allow me to do a little sales pitch: In the last month there have been in excess of 8000 unique visitors to DAO. If you have an event, exhibition or product to sell to our readers why not buy a month’s worth of advertising space on DAO's homepage? For just £20 you could reach thousands of people. For an extra fiver we can even design the ad for you. Do get in touch for more details.

Ok now with the sales pitch over I can talk about what an amazingly exciting and busy month it's been for DAO! We finished the build of, a place for joining in the discussions about the Creative Case for Diversity, which has been launched by the Arts Council. I’d encourage everyone to have a look and leave comments. This isn’t a policy or a strategy, it’s an approach and we want as many people to be involved as possible for a lively debate. Have a read and let us know what you think.

The Creative Case symposium launch was directly followed by the decibel Performing Arts Showcase in Manchester. We had a team of six writers there reviewing, interviewing and commenting on the showcases and complimentary events.

Since then, a long-term project which Colin, our editor, has been involved with has come to fruition. Anne Teahan’s research Sharing Cultures: Disability and Visibility is now being uploaded to DAO. I’d like to say big congratulations to Anne for the completion of this mammoth piece of work. It is a fascinating read and we hope to engage in similar research projects like this in the future.

Well, writing this blog has been a bit light relief and now back to a world of budgets and project plans – such is the life of the DAO Director!