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As well as being the director of DAO, Trish is also the project manager and co-producer for Freewheeling, the organisation producing Sue Austin's Unlimited commission 'Creating the Spectacle!' Here she blogs about her experiences of this ambitious, underwater wheelchair project.

Should we replace the ā€˜dā€™ word? Hell, no!

1 October 2015


A photograph featuring several popular toy brands modified to look like they have various impairments

I’m fired up to write a blog about something that we grapple with all the time working in the disability arts sector. Yes, the ‘d’ word. I’ve just read a BBC Ouch blog entitled 'Is it time to stop using the word "disability"?' by Rebecca Atkinson, who headed up the Toy Like Me campaign to persuade toy manufacturers to include disabled characters. In my opinion, we absolutely don't need a new word for disability/disabled. The word isn’t the...

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