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New Project - Would Love Some Opinions / 12 December 2014

I met Neale a good 30 years ago, I was runing a community darkroom. He came in and said he wanted to be the best photographer in the world and he wanted me to teach him all I knew. That took about 6 weeks and he was soon better than me. I continued to give him space and time. He became stylised and constantly went in search of beauty. Our ideas on that were very different.

A tory recession hit the country and the darkroom closed. We went our separate ways but we stayed in touch and our friendship grew. We were always going to work togegther again. We met up and Neale asked me if i had any words for his images,

The idea as simple as it is; is this.... he goes off does what he wants to do. We meet, we look, we talk and I come up with a few words which might fit the images and might not. We put them out together.

The first thing Neale presented to me was a set of three pictures which became Traffic Tryptych and it went like this:

Traffic amber moment;
Uncertain choice.
Left, right, straight ahead.
Never slam it into reverse.
Never go backwards.
Go down unknown roads lost.
Wait without direction.