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Memories Surface Very Slowly / 31 July 2014

Advocacy awareness class. Something is missing from everyone's learning. I could save them. Tell them how the circle of oppression goes on and what it does to you but its not my call so I spend time with memories of special school surfacing....

Mrs Mack
She’s on smack
She is very nasty

Childhood peeps by in rhyme attacking teachers.
I am alone here.

Thank U Very Much for Mrs Cheetham
Thank U Very Much
Thank U very very much

One more day to go
One more day in sorrow

Skool songs bleed thru the memory
With new ones surfacing

Mr Muz
Call the fuzz
He is not so nasty

Some are shared
Some are lonely

I sit here in advocacy class
Feeling very, very, lonely

Mrs Mack abased me
That’s why she’s on crack
And I was oh so lonely

Discrimination across the nation
Internalised and bleeding

Mr Muz
He could have saved me
Proved there were ears to listen
Voices that spoke

But he didn’t
There weren’t
There was none
A zero
With which to surround me
When I was very lonely