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He Was - I Was / 1 July 2014

Saturday Night, Peter's Bistro in Devizes and an unlikely meeting across tables forming a friendship. I retained these details in my head as it seemed to say something about engagement (my current area of work at Merton Centre for Independent Living). I didn't realise it would take this form. Neither did i realise i would be experiencing this on the day the Battle of Westminster raged.

He Was - I Was

He was a Royal Marine, fought in the Falklands
I was into peace and love, didn’t like my country
He became a police man, long arm of the law
I was a disabled activist, prepared to right the wrong
He joined the NHS, big on institutions
I preached independent living, big on freedom

There was nothing about this man that I could like was there?

So, why did we spend three hours laughing over dinner

Maybe it has nothing to do with labels
Nothing to do with chalk nor cheese
N’owt to do with He Was – I Was

Everything to do with the people we are
Everything to do with the words we say
Everything to do with where and how we meet

The soldier will meet with the hippy again
The rozzer will meet the committed criminal
The anaesthetist with the conscious

A date has been set