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Blah Blah Blah / 18 June 2014

This blog first appeared today on Merton Centre for Independent Living's Inclusion Blog where I explore issues around engagement and reveal what our members are saying and getting involved in. It can be found here:  But it felt too good and arty to just stay there so her it is.

We do this.
We do that.
We sell the brand.

The blind man sat and got pounced on by the organisational evangelists with their we do this, we do that, we sell the brand mantras.

We sing.
We jump.
We swim.

The wheelchair-user sat and politely listened to the we do this, we do that, we sell the brand mantras

I sat beside them, the blind man and the wheelchair user and said nothing.

I listened somewhat to the we dos, the this’s and the that’s, but at some point I lost interest. Drifted away. Nudged into ennui by the we do this, we do that mantra. I became annoyed with myself. Why wasn’t I interested? Couldn’t I learn something from the we do this, we do that mantra.

And then it dawned on me. No one asked us what we wanted. No one cared enough to ask. They could do all the do this, do that, in the world but do I/we want it. When is someone going to talk to me, ask me what I want, ask me what I can give?