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Austerity Signs (AKA The Three Bastards) / 5 December 2012

a skeletal middle finger points upwards as if to say up yours to the three bastards in this piece

I was having an off day and thought of three sets of bastards

Zoom in to this image and read text description

This is one of my last great ideas. Note, not one of my last great poems.

Perusing papers, looking for placed pledges
There are none
Charities have stopped pleading in the press
Spoiling my anti tragedy model stance

No chugger has stopped me in the street
To pounce the unwanted penny
The homeless man a yard away could use
I've missed our chats
Admin, Chief Executive Feeding Bastards
Spoiling my anti-tragedy model stance

Even the wee yellow Pudsey bastard
can barely stir my screen.
Bastard, bastard, bastards three
Spoiling my anti-tragedy model stance

But, wait till the geese in the country
Get fat again. Bastards
The bastards will be back
You just wait and bastard see
Fuelling my anti-tragedy model stance